Project Engineering Services

Paul Turk is highly practiced Project Engineering and skilled at leading engineering teams to deliver solutions from conceptual studies and front-end work, to detailed engineering projects of very large sizes and complexities.

Our Project Engineering advantage:

  • Talent to lead and goal-oriented values: Paul portrays his incredibly positive attitude while managing technical or engineering projects. He works with engineering teams, and is both successful and responsible for budgeting, personnel and project planning.
  • Client management and Vendor interfacing skills: Paul has worked as both the client and as the consultant, and is familiar with the strategies and challenges to both parties. He leverages this knowledge and experience to get the project teams to understand each other better.
  • Vendor interfacing skills: Paul has managed numerous 3rd party contractors in the supply and fabrication of key project equipment, and knows all to well about the challenges project have with design coordination and timely package delivery. He uses his past experience working in a vendor company to communicate design scope more effectively and in as timely a manner as possible.
  • Multi-discipline engineering background: Paul’s wide array of project experience gives him the ability to manage small and large engineering and support groups who complete the detailed work. Paul’s background allows him to lead the following teams, to understand their key deliverable, and to anticipate the issues they frequently discover when fast-tracking a project:
    • Process engineering
    • Plant layout & piping
    • Civil and structural engineering
    • Mechanical engineering
    • Control systems engineering (instrumentation and automation)
    • Electrical engineering
    • Risk management
  • Project controls background: Paul is well practiced at all aspects of planning, scheduling, estimating, cost control analysis and reporting. He can provide analysis or manage controls personnel to complete the following:
    • Estimating to provide capital cost estimates to facilitate decision-making
    • Planning/Scheduling to develop and coordinate scheduled tasks, resources or budgets to track project performance
    • Cost tracking, forecasting, trending and budget analysis
    • Reporting, presenting and communicating matters related to earned progress, budgets, and schedules
  • Quality, Safety and Risk Management foundations: Paul makes these three key project aspects part of his everyday life without exception.
    • Trained and experienced in the quality management systems used by all leading engineering companies
    • Experienced with material management and compliance with specifications & standards
    • Experienced with interfacing with both Engineering Safety teams and Construction Safety teams
    • Experienced with leading risk management programs, and with interfacing with 3rd party risk management consultants who perform quantitative, qualitative and hazardous operations risk reviews.
  • Document control and project services: Paul specializes in electronic document management systems (EDMS), and has first-hand experience in completing the tasks required to keep the project supported. Paul’s background includes the following vital services:
    • Document control, with a highly sophisticated ability to organize information in electronic format and hard copy, archiving or transmittals
    • Contract administration to maintain and to amend contracts for agreed-upon changes
    • Information technology to develop his own software tools whenever required, and to ensure systems are functioning

Paul’s first and foremost responsibility is the management of the engineering team’s effort to deliver a project safely, at the desired quality, on time and on budget.

Role of the PE

Project Engineering is typically the management of engineering and technical projects. This includes management of personnel, budget, and scheduling to deliver a successful project outcome that is fit for purpose.

In addition to these factors, a significant consideration of the work of project engineers is the safety of the project. They will work to minimize the risks associated with engineering projects.

Paul is trained to act as the coordinating figure, and will deal with stakeholders across all areas of the project. He will interpret the needs, expectations, and limitations of each, and bring them together with the aim of successful project delivery.

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